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The fake profile of the C.O.O.CAPITALI & IDEE BV


Many companies in the last sad times characterized by the pandemic and the generalized crisis of the global economy, see themselves receiving tempting mails that present themselves as real "magic wands".

One of these newsletters would come from CAPITALI & IDEE BV, a Dutch company with a licensee in Italy represented by the company CAPITALI E IDEE ITALIA SRL.


With a spam newsletter, a brand and the websites and invites you to entrust your indebted company to "expert hands" through a "turnkey" service that would allow you, even through a remote transaction, to free yourself from corporate debts and "start over" from scratch.

Interesting. An offer that points to the current immense market of companies in difficulty in the European territory and that would have the solution to take on without limitations all the debts of the companies surveyed. 


A well-conceived scam from Holland to Italy to speculate on companies in crisis?




!6.000 euros!

Phase 1: contact

We have filled out the "FORM FOR A QUICK CONTACT" on their website. After about an hour we are contacted by a cell phone with the Dutch prefix +31 by a certain Davide Koster. The call was very professional, a person who instills security and character to fight the adversity of debts and the injustices of the European tax authorities alongside the entrepreneur in difficulty.

By email we receive the request to fill out an information sheet that comes to us from the domain, indicating Davide Koster as C.O.O. Chief Operation Officer CAPITALI E IDEE BV NL IT.

Let's do some investigation:

The surname is known to us. The director of CAPITALI E IDEE BV based in Keizersgracht, 391A Amsterdam, is called Koster Olinka Rebecca, the shareholder holding 80% of CAPITALI E IDEE ITALIA SRL incorporated on 04/07/18 with headquarters ... in a virtual office in Milan, Viale Abruzzi 13A (!!!) is called Koster Jan Lourens Herman, a 60-year-old man. The other shareholders of CAPITALI E IDEE ITALIA SRL are: Paola Marcelli Flori (10%), 55 and Luca Frattini (10%) 59. Except for the registered office in a virtual office of the Italian dealership, nothing strange so far.

The curiosity however remains. Who is Davide Koster? There is little or nothing on the web. A couple of almost identical photos that suggest a "fake" profile. On the indicated phones and in the whatsapp profiles photos of landscapes or the SOS Company logo. We call him and ask. We get evasive answers, in the sense that he is part of the "well-known" Koster family in Holland.

A particular. From the images of this "Davide Koster" it would appear a man of about 60, compatible with the age of Jan Lourens Herman Koster, the partner who holds 80% of CAPITALI E IDEE ITALIA SRL. It will be a coincidence.

To the question that we would like to meet him in the Dutch office of the company, we get the answer that for now he is in South Africa looking after the customers for the South African branch. Therefore Koster is only available by phone or by video call. We then ask him how we would complete the sale of the company and he very calmly tells us that he would send "one of his collaborators" who is part of the "CAPITALI E IDEE BV group" or he could complete the teleworking operations without letting us meet anyone.

Let's move forward. On the web there is a clearly fake facebook profile, a fake twitter profile (removed at the publication of this investigation) a couple of linkedin profiles on the fact that he would actually be the CEO of Capitali & Idee South Africa and also of Capitali & Idee Sa in Switzerland . Below what we found:










On the investigation on Capitali & Idee South Africa we weren't lucky. It is a company in the deregistration phase. We weren't lucky either with Capitali & Idee Sa, also in liquidation since 2014. See below:




Ok it seems that around the world there have been some problems with the Capitali & Idee BV group. So let's check the Italian dealership.

The "Italian holding" is precisely CAPITALI E IDEE ITALIA SRL, a company with € 10,000.00 of share capital which declared on 31/12/19 ... only 20,000 euros (!!!) of revenues and a loss of 140 euros ... not bad, right?

The group consists of:

1) KEKURA S.r.l. 100% owned since 11/11/2020 with share capital 10,000 euros

2) L' OFFICINA DELL'ABITO S.r.l. 90% owned since 10/12/19 with share capital 10,000 euros.

It does not seem to us that this "group" has the capacity to claim that it can take over any European corporate debt. But above all it is SURE that it has not been in activity for 20 years !!! Our scamfighters are going wild ...

So let's go and do some checks on the International Holding CAPITALI E IDEE BV which is believed to be the owner of the website which reads: "Consulting services to companies in crisis since 1997". The company is based in Amsterdam where, however, it has been in business since 2018, with rented offices for administrative and commercial use.

From the official report to date it appears to hold two Dutch companies, ITALJET HOLDINGS BV, MEDICALPLUS BV and two Italian companies based in Naples: NEMESI SRL and PIRAMIDE EDIZIONI SRL.

Let's go in order on international holdings:

MEDICALPLUS BV is an empty, newly built box. Mmmmh...

ITALJETS HOLDING BV controls 100% of the share capital of ITALJET BV based in DonKenweg, 40 in Roosendaal, which, in turn, controls 100% of the share capital of ITALJET SRL based in Castel Guelfo di Bologna, Via dell ' Agriculture 2. Italjet srl italy, born in 2019, is the continuation of the old motorcycle house founded by Leopoldo Tartarini and now converted into an electric bike factory. From the numbers of the financial statements filed it is not going very well. Let's start to be confident ... maybe there is something good ??

Let's now check the Italian holdings:

NEMESI SRL of Naples. Ouch !! It is a protested company with a non-EU administrator, a certain Hector Regulo Martinez who appears to hold, in addition to his office in this company, dozens of other stakes independently. By Hector Regulo Martinez we will speak extensively later.

PIRAMIDE EDIZIONI SRL, also from Naples. Ouch !! Finds not to file financial statements since ... 2015 !! It was acquired by Capitali & Idee BV on 22/05/19 and managed by Verseput Koene Yvonne, who appears as General Manager of CAPITALI & IDEE BV.

Mmmmh ... Curiosity increases. The newsletter and seems more and more to be a SCAM, especially if associated with the fact that those who contact us and "expose themselves" on behalf of the company are the "artificial figure" of this Davide Koster.

However, on the web we do not find negative information ... until we type "Davide Koster Scam" on google.

On the Italian site there are some users who report a "Davide Koster scammer ("truffatore" in Italian)" associated with the telephone user we are interacting with.

Some speak of "received threats". Could it be for this reason that there are not too many negative elements on these subjects?

We are not afraid of this. We are SCAMFIGHTERS!! To see how far they want to go, we are convinced to send the information sheet, filling it in with all the company data, details of debts, etc. etc.


In this phase we are particularly intrigued by the fact of how the analysis and sale of indebted companies can be perfected in telework. We want to force our hand a little bit and fill in the form by entering data of a small Italian production company in crisis due to Covid-19, with a liability between tax authorities and supplier debts of about 2 million euros and an asset, including cash, inventory and credits, of about 150,000 euros (the data are slightly distorted to guarantee maximum privacy). That is, availability to make settlement and write-off agreements with creditors not even at 10%. A very uninteresting company. Also with a particularity. We send Davide Koster the scan of the form without attaching financial statements or updated balance sheet as we say that it is not yet available from the accountant and we urgently need to sell the company.

As soon as the form has been sent, we urge Mr. Davide Koster and ask him to give us an urgent reply because we have suppliers on our heels.
We are a team that aims to collect objective elements through private and autonomous investigations that may be useful for the community and / or for journalistic investigations aimed at identifying above all scams in progress.
We are "SCAMFIGHTERS" looking for direct experiences behind the offers that may appear "too tempting" to us both on the web and on advertising communications sent by email
Scammers sometimes fear nothing if they have adequate financial and legislative coverage and a good dose of cold blood, but they often hide themselves through fake profiles.
For both of these profiles, our scamfighters enjoy wasting their time, finding information as long as there is not enough material to be published and constitute a stimulus for maximum dissemination in all the press and national and international authorities.
The publication on this website therefore takes place only when irrefutable objective material has been collected on the fact that a scam is taking place, in order to speed up the intervention of the press and public safety authorities.
For this reason, unlike the other review portals, deals with a single story at a time but in depth until it is revealed by the authorities or the national press, inviting all those who access this portal to become scamfighters, to collaborate for further checks and insights.
We obviously await your proposals for investigations on suspicious offers or portals.
We are here to fight alongside you. We are SCAMFIGHTERS!


The case

Become a SCAMFIGHTER too!

Have fun with us, in an absolutely discreet and confidential way, to collect information by wasting time for scammers.
Follow our tips to become a SCAMFIGHTER:
1) For your safety use a name and an email address NOT associated with you. SCAMMERS often belong to real criminal organizations, therefore they are dangerous! Make sure you approach them with the utmost discretion and with references not attributable to you.
2) Develop a precise strategy and interact for requests that are realistic and do not raise suspicion.
3) Never share sensitive data. If you even inadvertently realize that your data could be in danger, notify the authorities immediately.

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The SCAMMER is changing its alias in "Jan Koster"

BE CAREFUL! attention: "Davide Koster" following the investigation is changing his alias to "Jan Koster" !!

...some reviews on the scammer's FB profile...

....twitter profile removed as soon as the SCAMMER learned of the investigation.

Davide Koster's fake Twitter profile ... protects the identity of those for whom an objective data has not yet been identified that could lead them to be involved in the probable SCAM.

This is because skilled scammers often use as pawns subjects even unaware of the real criminal design.

We welcome any adequately substantiated report or request for rectification.


....some italian users who report the phone number of "Davide Koster" as a SCAM


LOSS OF 140 euros

Phase 2: sending the information sheet


Davide Koster's "fake" profile on Facebook.

1 photo from 2015. 2 friends for the one who would be the C.O.O. of a multinational company present for 20 years on the European market.