There is nothing on the web about Davide Koster, except the images that have been published on this site, suggesting that he is a real person who presents himself under a false name to perpetrate scams aimed at the piloted bankruptcy of companies in difficulty in Italy and Europe.

The scammer

Koster keeps us on our toes ... he tells us that he is very busy because he receives about 100 (!!) requests for company transfers PER DAY !!!!!

However, the next day we receive a transfer proposal from the info email signed CAPITALI & IDEE Team Europa on Capitali e Idee BV headed paper.

Hence the pleasant surprise: they offer us to take over 100% of the shares of our indebted company through a contribution of € 15,000.00 to be paid by the company directly into a Dutch bank account in the name of the BUNQ bank (, The bank of the free). So, with only 15,000 euros we would be free from around 2 million euros of debt. Far too good to be true. Our scamfighters are now going wild !!!

Let's start asking Koster a few questions.

Basically Davide Koster reassures us that the "Capital & Ideas BV team" is made up of "Chartered Accountants, Statutory Auditors and Lawyers, specialized in assistance and consultancy for companies in crisis and management of problematic liquidations", such as stands out on the header of their website.

These "jurists" will then deal with the transactions with suppliers once the ownership and sole administrator have changed, an operation that can be done "even immediately" by means of a teleworking act. The important thing, he tells us, is "not to touch anything of the financial resources, inventory and credits anymore".

It is quoted verbatim "These are used to settle various debts with suppliers. We will take care of them". In principle, here everything fits.

But now we want to get to the point. But who will actually own the indebted company? Davide Koster's prompt answer: one of our "liquidators".

We kindly ask Mr. Koster the data of the liquidator as we expect our accountant to carry out the transfer of shares.

The email with the document comes from the address dk (at)

We then receive the document of Hector Regulo Martinez!!! It's really him !!! The sole director of NEMESI SRL of Naples, owned by the "holding" CAPITALI & IDEE BV: a non-EU citizen of about 60 years who seems everything except a liquidator able to settle 2 million debts. We are scamfighters and, even if the drawing already seems clear enough to us, let's go deeper.


Thanks to the tax code of Hector Regulo Martinez, through public databases we discover that H.R. appears to be null and void although he has a portfolio of corporate shareholdings as a true MULTINATIONAL!!! Too bad that a large group of these is bankrupt and another in protest!!

Below is an image of some of the equity investments found by a simple check on the tax code of the subject at the register of companies.


















To promptly identify Hector Regulo Martinez, the current economic status of the related companies and the former owners of the same for journalistic purposes, it is advisable to use the Italian site by entering the name of one of the companies.

The SCAM bell is ringing in celebration ...

We decide to call some of these companies to have some references on the capabilities of Martinez.

The result of our short survey confirms our suspicions.
The positive assets of the acquired companies were all drained in favor of CAPITALI E IDEE BV in a Dutch bank account, as "consultancy" or "advances for settlement and write-off agreements" never seen before, together with inventories and various credits.

All transfers to Dutch bank accounts would have been completed through invoicing for non-existent transactions.

After the acquisition of the companies and the change of signatures on bank accounts, Davide Koster (a real "ghost to be identified") coordinates the emptying of all active assets through his "wooden puppet" and then leaves the company to decoction. , therefore doomed to preordained bankruptcy.

They also told us that after the completion of the company's sale, the kindness and availability of this elusive Davide Koster are transformed into the most determined and skilled scammer who aims to "grab as much as he can in the shortest possible time".

Koster would respond firmly, even with insults and warnings, as well as "threats of the mafia type" (as we have been told) regardless of any complaints (probably because simply a complaint against he would have the same effect as a legal action against a "ghost").

This explains the reluctance of the interlocutors we interviewed (former owners of companies sold through CAPITALI E IDEE BV) to talk about Davide Koster and the relationship with Capitali e Idee BV. The feelings we had were of bitterness, disappointment and worry of having become "accomplices of a scam perpetrated against the tax authorities, suppliers, employees" despite themselves.


CAPITALI & IDEE, in the opinion of, is configured as a whole and unequivocally in an articulated and probably fraudulent design STILL IN BEING solely aimed at "emptying" the companies in crisis of all their residual assets.

The use of fake "consultancy" whose transactions almost always take place with destination on a Dutch bank account, is aimed at billing on fake services solely to harm the tax authorities, suppliers and employees.

The period of pandemic from Covid-19 has generated a thriving market for these "entrepreneurs", significantly multiplying the companies that enter into difficulty, ready to accept even extreme solutions such as those of CAPITALI E IDEE BV in order to "get out of debt" .

In a company sale it is essential to ensure, to protect one's creditors, that the buyer has all the characteristics to be able to better manage the company with the diligence of a good family man. Otherwise, any criminal liability for the default risks also falling on the seller.

In conclusion, advises all readers, authorities, media, banking institutions to deepen and limit this new SCAM: the predetermined emptying and abandonment to decoction / bankruptcy of Italian and European companies in crisis, coordinated by the "ghost" Davide Koster and managed by the staff and the various legal representatives of the CAPITALI & IDEE BV group.



Phase 3: receipt of the proposal

Phase 4: the scam revealed

The final verdict of

CAPITALI & IDEE BV immediately acquires your company against an information sheet that serves only to evaluate how much assets there is to "empty for its sole advantage".

No documents are required, which are essential for proper due diligence.
One of the scam tools.
The information sheet
Capitali & Idee declares to have as partners the main banks and credit institutions in the world.
In reality, it uses "dummies" with no property to take over companies destined for decoction and bankruptcy

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